In 1993 a journey began toward a compelling vision of twenty young dancers with a love of dance and a passion for performing being able to explore their dreams and aspirations in their own community. During the past 27 years over 135 dancers have advantaged this opportunity… some have careers in dance as performers, choreographers, and teachers; others remain active in dance through attending classes, encouraging and supporting their children’s dance experience, and working tirelessly in their communities to ensure that dance is always a dynamic component of the cultural cornucopia. We are very proud of our alumni and their timeless gift to the ballet company of living their lives in a manner that models honesty, integrity, always giving your best, and serving others. The Ballet Company continues to uphold the standards of excellence and professionalism reflected in our alumni so as to enable our current dancers the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Haley Beatley

Ware Academy, Athletic Director

Mathews Dance Studio, Faculty


Hope Andrews Hunter

Diggs School of Dance, Faculty

Director of Dance, Woodside High School


Rachel Cross Morris

Mathews High School Art Teacher

Director, Mathews Dance Studio


Caitlin Beadle Nichols

Ballet Hawaii, Instructor


Matthew Rogers

Professional Dancer and Choreographer



Celia Rowlson-Hall

Choreographer and Film Producer



Kara Drummond Royall

Director, Etudes Ballet School

Massage Therapist


Kamilah Turner

Professional Dancer

Disney Cruise Lines

Diggs School of Dance, Faculty