DSD is devoted to educating in a nurturing/positive atmosphere, therefore all placements for the first month are tentative to ensure the best class for your child. Private lessons available.

Creative Movement – Ages 4-5- 45 minute classes. Our Creative Movement program offers a fun, guided way for children aged 4-5 to explore dance through classes that encourage an exploration of movement in a safe and non-competitive environment. Our trained staff introduces children to basic dance steps while developing motor skills, strength, balance and flexibility. We also work on social skills such as taking turns and following directions, as well as musicality, creativity, and joy in movement.

Pre-ballet – Age 6 . 45 minute classes. An introduction to ballet consisting of basic barre work and beginning terminology as well as establishing class deportment and behavior with continued creative movement activities.

Ballet –A highly stylized form of dance using intricate steps and expressive gestures that promotes strength, flexibility and discipline.   Students begin their classical ballet training with an emphasis on technique and artistry.  Progressing through these levels may take more than one year at each level.

  • Ballet I – Ages 7 and up. 60 minute classes.
  • Ballet II – Ages 8 and up. 60 minute classes. Pre-requisite Ballet I or equivalent. Ballet II dancers are encouraged to take two ballet classes per week.
  • Ballet III – Ages 9 and up. 75 minute classes. Pre-requisite Ballet II or equivalent. Ballet III dancers must be taking two ballet classes a week.
  • Ballet IV – Ages 10 and up. 75 minute classes. Pre-requisite Ballet III or equivalent. Ballet IV dancers are required to take a minimum two ballet classes a week.
  • Ballet V – Ages 11 and up. 90-120 minute classes. Pre-requisite Ballet IV or equivalent. Ballet V dancers are required to take a minimum of three ballet classes a week.
  • Pre-Pointe/Pointe – Ages 10 and up. Pre-requisite Ballet II or equivalent. Pointe is a component of classical ballet training and places even greater demands on the dancer’s body. It is necessary for dancers wanting to progress to this more advanced level to take a minimum of two ballet classes a week, and as they progress increasing their ballet classes to at least three a week.

Ballet Fundamentals – Ages 10 and up. 60 minute classes.  For dancers who may benefit from a more accelerated approach to the foundation of ballet

Jazz – Age 7 and up. 30-75 minute classes.  An expression through movement of feelings created by modern music that promotes rhythm, flexibility and strength. It emphasizes jazz movements, in a range of styles to include, but not limited to, traditional jazz, contemporary, theatrical and street jazz.

Modern – Ages 12 and up. 60 minute classes.  Expressive dance based on a rebellion against the structure of ballet.  Horton (popularized by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) and Hawkins techniques are emphasized with a basic introduction to other classical modern dance techniques.